DreamHost PS CPU / Memory ReadOut by Query String

I am interested to be able to read instantaneous values of cpu / memory usage. I want to be able to read the values at the time of query. How would I access these quantities? —I was told by support that it is not currently possible. — WHAT WOULD THIS BE USED FOR? == I want to write a script to modulate the throttle. PS is expensive. I do not need to have it at full throttle all the time. At night for instance there is low usage yet my setting is very high compared to what is needed. I can write a routine that will set it to a reasonable value during the day and a lower one at night resulting in a large cost savings. —YOU WILL BENEFIT ALSO THEREFORE!! — In order to get Dreamhost to put this in will require YOU to suggest / request it also. This is because they list only the top suggestions graded by how many people suggest the same idea. If you want to be able to keep ANY of that google syndication ad money you better do it!

Since moving people between servers is a rather lengthy and time consuming process - $100 in support time, I believe, I’m not sure how DreamHost would be able to work out the logistics of optimizing users assignment to servers with a totally dynamic scheme.

In other words, at the current time, DreamHost allocates users PS servers to physical servers based on some percentage allocation of the total physical memory on the actual server. In your dynamically modifying scheme, how would they do this allocation?

I ask because I don’t want to waste my suggestion votes on a scheme that will never be implemented. Also, if the scheme has too high of a cost of implementation, it’s probably never going to be implemented. In fact, at a sufficiently high cost, it probably won’t even end up on the suggestions list.

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This is not about dynamically allocating to and from PS. It is about for instance setting my night time allocation to the lowest value possible. AKA instead of me every night going to the web panel and sliding the slider bar DOWN I would have a cron job that would do it for me. In addition I would be able to spot check the loading automatically. If it was looking heavily loaded I could automatically bump the setting up for say an hour. --------You mention percentage allocation …while DH panel has an absolute scale. Are the fibbing ?

Well, if you’re going out there and changing your allocation every single day, we could argue about the semantics of the word “dynamically” vs. “automated”.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that, marketing aside, they don’t intend for you to change your limits twice a day.

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how do you come up with that amount? if you look around a bit how dreamhostps vserver works (http://linux-vserver.org) you might even find out that it would take almost no time to move a vserver to another physical box (since the website files are on separate file servers) with less then 1 minute downtime and it could be totally automated at dreamhost side. no A and C name records have to be changed either since the IP is assigned to the vserver.

So if they build some scripts that moves the vserver that increases its cpu by much will automatically move to another server with ####mhz unused it should work fine (and gives no downtime to the other vservers on that box either since they just stay on that one).

It might be a lot of work for dreamhost to build such a system, but it spares loads of man hours eventually.

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I’m just going by the $100 conversion fee that they advertise that you don’t have to pay. I suppose it may be that once your account is switched over to a DreamHost PS account that moving your account between servers becomes an automated cost-free exercise.

So are you suggesting that as per the OP’s suggestion that DreamHost be able to support PS limits changing twice a day, say, be enabled by having your PS server migrate between physical servers as needs dictated? I see significant challenges in making this operation seamless. That is, I think it would be difficult to do with without your site taking some downtime or certainly almost impossible to preserve open sessions without doing something drastic.

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Lensman is right that even though it is possible to change daily, it is definitely not something we want people scripting. We leave extra room on the server for adjustments, but we definitely would not want to be moving the same VServer between physical machines twice a day, that would be a little silly. You should just adjust your Vserver until you find a setting where it operates well throughout the day. If you site isn’t making enough money to cover the cost of that, you perhaps need a new idea for a site!~

I guess another use for this query would be to alert the users of an unexpected high load and to be able to adjust it.

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