Dreamhost PS burstable Ram

i have my PS set to 304 ram which usually does the job, but sometimes we get an influx of users checking the forums and this causes 500 errors due to lack of ram. i have FCGI setup on the domain in question.

but what really bugs me is that in the PS panel its says my ram is burstable to 608mb which should be more than enough to stop the 500 errors coming up. i know its the memory issue cause i’ve checked the logs and found the lines where it tells me php couldn’t allocate anymore ram.

Anyone got anymore ideas?



Burstable RAM would only be available when there’s some spare RAM sitting idle. If other PS guys on your server have high baseline limits and their accounts are using the resources they’ve set aside, you’d be fighting over what’s left to burst into.

Best course of action (short of edging up your own baseline RAM) would be to investigate caching options for the forum in question.

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