Dreamhost PS and w3 toal cache?

Has anyone used the wordpress plugin w3-total-cache on a DreamhostPS successfully? I use Hypercache right now, but I’m interested in the cdn features of w3tc.

i am also waiting for replies, i ahve the same uery about w3 total cache working on DH shared hosting


I have recently switched to w3 Total cache from Hyper cache and It seems that it is working fine.

I am a DH shared hosting user, It it works for me that means you can use it for sure.

However If you are intrested in Free CDN read this to get one: http://wp.me/p1hIu8-2KX

Check my blog and see if it is running fine! :slight_smile:

I use it and love it.

The biggest thing affecting page speed is not file size, but the time spent waiting for a server response for each file. If you have a complex system, this can be the vast majority of your load time.

www.webpagetest.org -slower than most internet connections but it’s good for test consistency (within a few hours).

Total cache allows you to automatically combine JS and CSS files. In fact- don’t go off of Google or Yahoo’s! page speed scores - focus on your actual load time- minifying and compressing JS and CSS might save off a second or so, combining those files will save you 5 +

If you are lucky, all of your JS and CSS will combine perfectly without effort. If not, you have to do a lot of manual work picking out which JS isn’t compatible. If you don’t have time, Cloudflare’s JS manipulation goes 80% of the way.

Finally, Total Cache will use the op-code cache for things like database calls and objects, etc. I don’t think the other caching plugins do that.

W3 total cache is best WordPress caching plugin if you well configured it. Probably, it is also used by mashable.com so choose it if you have enough resources and want to optimize/combine CSS and JS, Use CDN in addition of complete Caching solution.

If your blog’s response time increases drastically consider using hypercache.

Currently, W3 Total Cache is definitely the best caching plugin ever (even though it has some annoying bugs sometimes). Of course this might change. WP Hypercache was the “best caching plugin ever” a while ago, and WP Super Cache even longer, and so forth.

But DreamHost ought to keep up with the current best plugin and avoid the older ones.

I found that someone made exactly that request on the suggestions, so vote for it! :slight_smile:

Tech support informed me that I was using to much memory for my PS, which kept bringing the blog down. I switched to hypercache, still testing it.