Dreamhost problems this morning

Is there something wrong in Dreamhost last this morning? All my sites (on robelli server) are either extremely slow or completely unresponsive. I went to the DH web panel to check status of that server and the panel also is extremely slow or fails to load at all. The emergency status doesn’t list anything as being wrong. What’s up?! If I can get my web panel working, I guess I’ll contact help. Anybody else experiencing problems this morning? Anybody down on the server farm noticing this?

The status site says there was a problem during the network upgrade:

However, my sites are running fine right now.

Ok. I had seen the notice regarding “Network Maintenance LAX” but how was I suppose to know whether that was affecting me or not? There is nothing in my account info that says where my server is housed and there was nothing in the announcement indicating which servers would be affected. Perhaps those announcements should make less assumptions about your users understanding of DH inner workings.

In any case, my server seems to be mostly responsive now except for occasional hiccup.