Dreamhost problems still continuing?

Unable to get email this morning and there is nothing appearing in support about this problem. Can anyone shed some light? I have already had calls from a client this morning wondering what the heck is going on. Not very professional to say “I don’t know.”

Understand the last day or so has been from hell for DH, but would be nice if they could at least status us.


Everything should be back to normal, and there will be another announcement shortly.

As you guessed, it has been pretty hectic here at DH hq for the past few days.

There were a number of updates sent out throughout the day yesterday about the problem (a filer died, which knocked out about 10% of the sites on DH). If you did not receive them, maybe you should check and make sure that DH has your correct e-mail address, and that it’s your actual ISP address rather than your domain address so that mail can still get through if your domain is down?


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