Dreamhost Private Server


I would like to hear how your experiences with the Private Servers has been. Any major down time? How frequent are the outages? How fast are the outages resolved.

I have over 25 pages of support history with Dreamhost over the last 2 years and now I get Internal Server errors all day every day. They recommend moving to the Private Server due to I’m using up too much memory. I am curious if it is safe to stay or bite the bullet and move away from DH all together.


Well, I’m very happy with my PS service. I mostly have it to insulate myself against other users on my server. I have a few small dynamic personal websites and don’t require anything more than the bare minimum PS allotment.

Other than the systemwide outages and scheduled downtime, I haven’t had any downtime related to my server or the PS service in general. It did take about 8 hours for my account and sites to be switched over to my new PS server. I think DH support says that it can take a day or two to transition everything over, but they did the transition very quickly in my case.

One thing you should be careful of is that if your sites are memory intensive, you may need a much higher level of service that could get kinda expensive. Of course, everything is relative to your own business or personal financial resources.

Good luck!

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I had some minor issues switching, but aside from that I´m quite happy with PS. I guess you have to think about your alternatives, I don´t think your account would fit in a shared server somewhere else either.

And DH PS it somewhere in between a shared and a VPS. The downside as Lensman pointed out is that you might find out you outgrew DH PS too, and it will be cheaper buying a VPS account somewhere else.

But I would give it a try, since there´s no work on your side, and if you find out it doesn´t fit you, shop around.


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