Dreamhost php and sql


I want to subscribe to dreamhost hosting service but before that I have a few questions to ask :

  1. mysql database is allowed to generate:
    … updates
    … questions

because i have problem phpbb forum in my host like this

SQL Error : 1226 User ‘halo_forum’ has exceeded the ‘max_questions’ resource (current value: 70000)

  1. PHP memory limit : … MB

  2. Can I create more than 1 user to access 1 sql database?

  1. Dunno, I’m not a DB power user. The answer may be buried in the wiki somewhere, though.

  2. PHP memory limit can be tweaked:

  3. You can have multiple users on multiple databases. A “new” database can use an existing user, or create a new user. On an existing database, you can add extra users.


  1. There’s been no reports of imposed hourly limits.
  1. Default is a generous 90MB, but you can top it up if you really need to.

  2. Yes.

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