Dreamhost performance lately

Hello all…thinking about moving to dreamhost from godaddy for my small website. I have in the past heard great reviews about dreamhost, but I would have to say I am pretty concerned with all the issues they seem to be having lately. Is this the norm or just a string of bad luck? Godaddy isnt great, but they have been pretty stable for me as of late.


I didn’t have much problem these days

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What issues are you worried about and how recently are you talking about?

There were some problems a couple of months ago in my cluster, but I’ve had good luck recently and have been fine for the past month.

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DreamHost did have a few problems a couple of months ago, the last major one that I can recall was a DNS outage that brought my sites down for an extended period. Yes, it is frustrating when this happens, but the recent problems are in no way indicative of the reliability that I have experienced since being with DreamHost, which, in general, has been excellent. The last month or so have been good, with my sites experiencing no detectable outages.

Hopefully, DreamHost has learnt a thing or two from the recent problems and can return to the excellent reliability that we are used to.


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Same with me, a couple weeks ago has DNS problem that makes my client quite furious about it. I’ve emailed the support and the response is quick enough.

And last thing I recall a good thing about Dreamhost is that they move a heavy duty accounts from my shared server so that I can enjoy the stability again.

My advice is remember to contact support asap and check dreamhoststatus.com often.

I once got Dreamhost from a recommendation from friend and have to say that they have great features.

Oh… but one of my curiosity is, why you guys don’t offer shared ssl ?



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Sometimes some server may have some problems. (if you are not lucky)

When it happens, contact DH support. They will be there to solve your problems.

An good management is necessaray in a shared server.

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I suggest don’t do it

I almost got downtime everyweeks (eventough it’s not critical, well it’s not critical because my site is personal site that don’t get many hits)

and they’ve moved me to another server,without noticing me 1st (they notice me after they move me)
and guess what?

it’s on DOWNTIME list already…


great isn’t it?
the past uptime

2007 May 12 98.655% 1.345%
2007 April 8 99.437% 0.563%


That is really serious.

If you still have the problem, you should inform DH support. Usually the problem will be solved after they move you to another better server.

That is why I say management is important in a shared server. If your neighbors consume too much resource, your site will be affected.

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DH have been quite stable for me except for a few days where another user on my cluster was hogging all the connections leaving one of my sites unreachable. If you’re concerned about moving, remember there’s a 97-day trial period (although not through PayPal), so if you’re not happy with the performance over the three months you haven’t got anything to lose.

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I recommend going and checking out http://www.realmetrics.com. They run tests for speed, uptime, etc… on a bunch of hosts. I haven’t had a chance to pick a host using them yet, but it looks like good information.

Ive been at DH for about a year now and there have been ups and downs both.
DH is cheap, very cheap, and the space, bandwidth, features are awesome. But you get what you pay for, so when things go down I grin and bear it.
My sites are slow from here in New Zealand, A wordpress blog hosted at DH will take up to 10seconds to change pages. ( and thats on ADSL in NZ ) I’ve hosted the same site/s here in NZ on NZ based servers and changing pages only takes a second or two. So using DH instead of NZbased servers means I must put up with the slowness.
I’m happy to do so because nobody in NZ offers the hosting deals like DH.
Down here a 1gb plan will cost $44.95/month !
If DH were to put some servers in NZ they could charge twice thier normal price for half of the space and bandwidth and still make a killing!