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How does DreamHost’s panel compare featurewise and ease of use-wise to Plesk?


It’s a little harder IMO, but it only took me a bit to get used to it. Things are different, don’t log in thinking that it’s gonna look like Plesk or C-Panel, but approach it as a new program.

It’ll only take a few minents to get used to the new feel, then you’ll start falling in love with how much better Dh is. :wink:


I second that. The DH Panel is great for one reason in particular: it’s been custom-made by the people who run DH for the purpose of running DH. No standard solution can come close to that. Of course it means you’ll learn a new panel, but it’s structured in a reasonable way and it generally just works. So go ahead, give it a try!

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I’ve never used plesk, but I have used c-panel, and although I found DH’s panel to be very easy to use and intuitive, anything you change takes 30 min to 2 hrs (or longer) to take effect. Adding users. Adding email addresses, setting up new MySQL databases (They actualy take a little longer since you need to let the new subdomain propogate as well).


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First of all, why has everyone started adding “wise” to just about everything nowadays? What is happening to the great English language?

Now back the the subject at hand. When I first started using the DreamHost Control Panel, I thought it was one of the ugliest, most cumbersome panel I had ever seen. It is definitely not a thing of beauty. I still don’t like the way it takes forever and a day to do anything; however, it is packed with features that cannot be found on Plesk or cPanel, and I have found it to be relatively easy to use.

If DreamHost ever decides to rewrite the Control Panel, I hope they can come up with a better visual design. I mean it’s awful, isn’t it? Something XHTML-driven that can be “skinned” with CSS seems appropriate to me.

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The Control panel is not very user frendly. BUT, the Knowledge base is very well made and with some reading and emails, it become easy to use.

Us people in the forum are helpful sometimes too…