Dreamhost Panel screwing up database creation

I just registered a new domain with dreamhost and set it up to work with my existing hosting plan, which has been active for quite a few years now. In addition to this new domain, I have 4 or 5 others, each of which has their own database at something.domain.com.

When I try to create a new database on the new domain, even if I specify a new hostname, it puts the database under the domain of one of my old hostnames.

Example, the new domain is abc.com, and I have an old one called data.xyz.com. When I try to set up a new database with the hostname data.abc.com and a database name of “db” - it sets up the “db” database under data.xyz.com.

Any ideas?

If you only just now added the domain name, you won’t be able to confirm it, however I’m pretty sure data.abc.com will still work, in spite of the fact the database actually shows up under data.xyz.com. This is to do with an announcement in the March 2006 newsletter wherein databases were set up so they all didn’t end up scattered around multiple MySQL servers. I only actually use one database so I don’t know if this is one of the side-effects of that change, but, if you can get past the… er… oddness of Josh’s newsletter writings, it’s explained in detail there. I think there was an announcement posted on it as well, but that was pre-dreamhoststatus.com, so I’m not sure if you can find it.

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if you can get past the… er… oddness of Josh’s newsletter writings

No kidding. Can someone translate that to english? I’m starting to wonder how smart it was to sign up for hosting where the communications are written in cryptic code.

Basically what happened what when they decided that you no longer needed to create a hostname now when you do create multiple hostnames they end up being an “alias” of the same server. So mysql.abc.com will likely point to the same place as mysql.xyz.com and therefore all the databases would be accessable at both addresses. To be quite honest I prefer this way rather than the old way where you needed to create a new hostname for each database.

I agree with you! I’ll admit, it took a little getting used to, but once I got the idea of how it works, I like it better this way too.