Dreamhost Panel not working

This happened just about 4 days ago. When I try to logon to my Dreamhost panel, I get that FireFox error: “Unable to Connect”. I tried using Opera, and I got the same error.

This is a major inconvenience as I’d like to get access to my account so I can get my mySQL stuff.

It’s also very annoying that dreamhost HAD to put support in the webpanel. What if my webpanel doesn’t work? How do I get support if no one can help me? What? Email them and get a message 2 months later that tells me that the problem can’t be fixed?

I just checked and the panel is working just fine right now. I’m not sure if there was a glitch in the panel 4 days ago or not, but generally any problems are quickly cleared up.

If you still can’t get onto the panel, first make sure you’re using the correct URL https://panel.dreamhost.com/. If that’s still not working I’d make sure that you don’t have anything firewall application or something interfering with your internet connection. Perhaps have you edited your hosts file and something went wrong there?

As far as having support placed inside the panel it helps the techs out by having any communication from you linked directly to your account. Support staff also make frequent use of the panel so any downtime is usually noticed very quickly. However if still need to contact support when the panel is down you can E-mail sales @ dreamhost.com. Those E-mails go into the same queue as support request - juts make sure to identify your self so they can access your account.

I’m not sure what you mean about waiting 2 months for a reply - I generally receive replies from support within 2 hours. The most I’ve ever waited was about 26 hours, but that is extremely unusual.

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cough I’ve had previous support experiences where they took even longer than two months for a question about FTP, O_o.

Anyways, I turned off all of my firewalls (all two of them) and disabled anything that could be blocking it.

Once again, I tried in Opera and FireFox… neither of them are able to get access the panel. I’m using the URL “https://panel.dreamhost.com” (without quotes) and I still don’t get access.

I don’t know how to edit the host files, so that’s out to.

Shouldn’t I be able to access it? I haven’t changed anything on my firewall settings and I’ve done nothing that could possibly block the panel.

If you have not done this already. :slight_smile:

In whichever browser delete the panel.dreamhost.com cookie and any other dreamhost.com cookie.
Make sure your browser will accept cookies from panel.dreamhost.com. Also that Javascript is on.

Empty your browser cache. Close the browser and now try and see if that works.

If you still have no success then repeat but this time reboot your computer to make sure there is nothing left in memory. Try again and cross all digits.

Sometimes the panel can take a while to load. Sometimes a few minutes. (Not very often MikeS :wink: .)


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I am NOT a DreamHost employee OK!! :@

You act on my advice at your own risk!

A couple of times this week the panel was offline for db maint. Check www.dreamhoststatus.com and often they post it there.


Don’t worry, be happy!

DH was down few times for maintenance. We had the same problem.

You should create some ftp users so that you can log into your website and edit files through ftp server. The maintenance of DH does not affect your website.

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