Dreamhost panel issues

I am having extreme difficulty logging into my control panel. The time for the page(s) to load is outrageously long and several times the page doesnt load at all.
Please advise. I just moved ALL of my sites to your hosting and I am not really happy at this point.

It’s working fine for me.

You should contact Support through the panel; this is only a mostly customer forum. Oh. Yeah. Sorry. You might try the Dreamhost contact form.


The panel load times can vary greatly depending upon the load of the server(s). For me, at present, it takes between 8-10 seconds for several of the pages to load (though some load much more quickly). As I’m not sure what you consider “outrageously long”, I don’t know whether our experiences are similar or not.

You might find the pages to load quicker for you if you "clear your browser cache, and old session cookies, but YMMV on that count. As for pages not loading at all, I am not experiencing that problem. Have you run a traceroute to determine whether the problem is the serving of the page itself or whether or not you may be having latency or connectivity issues?

It could also be that, with today being the beginning of the work week (and the beginning of the workday in the U.S. where Dreamhost is located), the load on the panel is particularly high at the moment. You may have better response times later in the day.

Dreamhost has stated repeatedly in these forums that they want to know if anyone is experiencing inordinately long Control Panel page loading times, so you might want to consider submitting a support ticket to let DH know of the problem you are having.

I’m sorry you are not really happy, but other than the suggestions I have already made there is not much more that most of us on these Forums can do to “advise”; this is a “customer-to-customer” forum and, while Dreamhost representatives occasionally check in from time to time, they generally do not monitor these forums.


edit: Oops! I was typing while Tor was answering - sorry for the “duplicate” reply - “What he said…” :wink:

I will monitor this and report via a trouble ticket then instead of this forum.

The panel was down at 10:30am CST today with the error:

[code]Software error:

Can’t call method “query” on an undefined value at
/usr/local/ndn/web/dhwebpanel/index.cgi line 62.

For help, please send mail to the webmaster
(support@dreamhost.com), giving this error message
and the time and date of the error.
[/code]It was unaccessible from New York or Minneapolis. so I emailed Dreamhost because I couldn’t log into the panel to tell then their panel was down.

The email bounced back. Dreamhost needs a way of submitting a support ticket without using the panel for occasional times when the panel is not up. I check back about 30 minutes later and it was up.