Dreamhost Panel HTML broken so page is sort of broken


The panel.dreamhost.com page appears to have invalid html loaded. Page loads, but its just text. No bells and whistles and non of the images load which I assume are Dreamhost logos and such.

Due to this lack of proper html loading, I can’t use any of the dynamic buttons or function such as going through the support ticket functions or the whole reason I need the panel is to setup 1-click installs.

This issue exists in Chrome, FF and IE. All up to date and I’m running windows 8 which is also current.

Here is a tinypic url of a screen capture.

http:// i61. tinypic. com/ 9s7xbs. png
screen capture
I put extra spaces assuming your forum software will crush my attempt to insert a link when I click Post.

Appreciate any help.

What is your connection speed like? My guess is that you have either a slow unreliable connection -or- something that’s blocking the CSS. Since it’s occurring in all 3 major browsers my guess would be a connection issue.

Things to try: clear your cache. Browsers tend to want to cache that… You might also want to try a tool like firebug to get an idea why the CSS isn’t loading.
I should have also explained that it’s not “invalid html” that’s being loaded. In modern times there are two components to making the page load… one is the html (or html that’s generated) which you are getting… the other is the CSS (or Cascading Style Sheet)… The CSS is what actually defines the “look” of the page. The page as loaded is functional… the CSS makes it look pretty and formats it as intended.

That was it. Thanks. Didn’t realize the security settings got tweaked on the work network. The page worked last week, then stopped so I assumed it was on DH’s end. Shame on me.

Thanks again.