Dreamhost owns the domain name?


My plan on Dreamhost comes with a free domain name, and I haven’t used it yet. What happens if I use my freebie to register a name through Dreamhost and then someday move my site to another webhost?

Granted - my experience at Dreamhost has been wonderful. I’m more curious than anything.

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According to this DH Knowledge Base article, “Will my domain be registered under my name or DreamHost’s?” you own the domain name; if you leave DreamHost, you will be responsible for keeping the domain registered (yes, you pay).
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Well, file that under one more reason I love Dreamhost. This is easily the best hosting experience I’ve ever had.



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Of course it is worth remembering that no one actually owns a domain name. They are all leased, much like IP addresses.

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Be sure to read all the fine print. I am currently trying to cancel my hosting account with dreamhost and apparently before I can move my domain name to godaddy - they want me to pay 14.31 to them for domain registration. I paid my bill each month and fees at the outset. I tried to stick it out here with the server going down all the time - or things not working when they made upgrades. I wanted to believe in them. My mistake because that took me past the refund time period in the ridiculous belief things would improve.

I never got to use the space they offered. I kept getting emails from people asking if my site was down all the time. Honestly - if I had been more savvy - I would have left as soon as I noticed the problems - but they kept asking for patience. Patience means loss of money and holding my domain name for ransom.

BTW - I have paid until August 4th and it is only August 2nd. I requested my domain to be transferred - but now they will hold it up until I pay the ransom. With all the money I paid here for this quality of service - I am astounded they could ask for another cent.

Buyer beware. Get your domain registered separately. And read every last bit of small print - preferably with a lawyer before you give them your credit card number. I truly expected better from Dreamhost. I will use a more professional host in the future such as the one I run my small business account with. Been there for 4 years, never had any downtime and the entire operation has been professional. Thought I would try Dreamhost for a small hobby site.

Here is the email I got to my last reply on why this fee:

"You can read about why we charging you this fee in our Terms of Service:
(Financial Arrangements, #4:
Domain registrations (including the value of any used free domain
registrations included with the plan) are not refundable under any
circumstances. See domain registration agreement for more information.)
under a link on our comparison page:
((Registration is only free with active plans; if the plan becomes
inactive at any point during the registration year, you will be charged
for that year’s registration.))

Your domain registration transfer may not succeed as you have a balance
for it on your account. Currently the domain is registered till 2006.
When the transfer goes through to GoDaddy, you will see the registration
renewed till 2007, so whatever you pay them, you pay it for the extra
year. We paid for your domain registration for your first year, and
offered it for free in exchange for you hosting with us. We also offered
a 97 day money back guarantee, for cases like yours: 97 days to see how
our service is working out for you.

I’m sorry that you feel that we are holding your domain hostage - we are
just following company policy that is clearly posted in our terms of
service that you agreed to at signup."

Very true. Well put, and thanks for the reminder.

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I understand why they are asking for this. The domain name registration is ONLY free if you stay. Makes sense, pay the fee so you can move on.

I would have been more than happy to stay if my site worked. I have had my business site with the same great professional host for 4 years.

My was “hobby” site was down once because a repair person inadvertently unplugged a power cord at Dreamhost. When I signed with them I never expected the endless problems that made it impossible to use even a small percentage of the space or bandwidth. My fault for being patient when asked to by the company - because the problems would be resolved. The problems never were.

I even hung on paying here a couple of extra months while hosting my site with another company hoping they would get things better together here. You only have to read this forum to see the control panel is consistently slow or inaccessible (I experienced that), unexplained downtime (went thru that), mail inaccessible, waiting forever to responses to trouble tickets (been there too) etc.

Oh I’ll likely pay the ransom - I paid for 7 or 8 months of poor service - but if I paid until the 1 year - I guess my bonus would be my free domain registration and continued poor service with loads of downtime. Read the fine print on that - it sure isn’t on the main pages. And if things don’t work for you - get out asap and then see how it is to get a refund. But don’t be nice or patient -that is why get the pleasure of paying extra for nothing.

I’ll likely pay the ransom - yes - to move on and chalk this up to a bad experience.

A very unhappy ransom-paying former dreamhost customer