Dreamhost Original Files


Hi All!

First off, I am a beginner to all this so please forgive me if I am in the wrong forum section and bear with me on my question!

What I want to ask is this: what are the original files for your website when you register your domain and use FTP?

I want to know this because I uploaded a bunch of Wordpress files to my site then deleted them, and now I just want to make sure I didn’t delete any other important files. At the moment, I see my “maildir”, “logs”, and “mydomain.com” folders when I use the WebFTP. Are there any other Dreamhost exclusive files that should be in there or do I have them all?



Yep, that’s it! The only DreamHost-specific file that is put in place when your account is created is the “quickstart.html” file in your domain directory, and that’s not essential at all. (It just makes your domain show up with a “coming soon” page instead of an empty directory listing.)


Thank you so much!