Dreamhost or Nightmarehost?

What’s going on here … I’m a new customer and so far the service gets an F. My business is web based and I’ve embarssed myself twice now due to outages during sales presentations.

Is this normal?

Nope - not normal, just bad timing, as it seems worse when you’re new and don’t have anything good yet to compare with the bad. I’ve been here since 2002 and don’t plan on leaving.

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No. The last three weeks have, without a doubt, been the roughest at Dreamhost since I have been here (I started hosting here in August, 1998).

It is really unfortunate that users signing up in the last month have no way of knowing how cleanly Dreamhost has run, and have only seen massive problems.

I have seen “bad times” come, and go, before at Dreamhost and my experience has been that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” is true with Dreamhost. Those “bad times” have been very few, and far between, representing an insignificantly small portion of my hosting experience here. I believe that they will get things under control, will learn from the experiences of the last month, and return to the high level of service they have provided in the past.

I’m not going anywhere (at least until I’m convinced that Dreamhost can’t or won’t fix this stuff!).


I have to concur with the last two posts, Been excellent up til this little fiasco.