Dreamhost on netcraft? / server monitoring

Any way to convince dreamhost to pay the 1200 GBP to be listed on the netcraft host report with major competitors?

Heck, even good 'ol Jeff from DH seconds using netcraft

Alternatively, maybe equiv. info is available elsewhere – without cost to Dreamhost? I don’t think http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph/?host=dreamhost.com is really representative of hosted sites.

A poor soul who I refered 3 weeks back has lost it and wants to switch immediately to a host I would rather avoid. I need data to back up my claims that this is unusual?

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well, I think that the best way to to encourage DH to get listed there would be to put in a sigguestion through the panel > Home > Sigguestions. But I don’t think there’s any way they’re going to do it right away.

As far as proof that this isn’t normal you could show them dreamhost status. It’s fairly new, but just about every outage is being listed there now.

You client could also be encouraged to post in these forums asking questions. That’s a good way to get an honest feel about DH from several other customers. I actually have only had 3 hours total down time over the last couple weeks of issues, and prior to that the LA power outage last year.

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I’m sorry to say that my referal has experienced significantly more down time than 3 hours. In particular, relating to email delays – both unable to send using the SMTP servers and extreme delays sending from the site via sendmail.

The forum has been unusable (500 errors) through a large portion of the last two weeks – I dare not enrage them further sending them to a broken support forum. Appears to be fixed?

The dream host status page reads like a comedy of errors through the past two weeks, rightfully so. External verification is what is needed here – and why netcraft exists. Also why many of dreamhost’s major competitors seem to be on the list.

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