Dreamhost no longer responding to tickets?

a little background, i’ve been with dreamhost for over 5 years and have built a great web consulting business with their help.

i was alerted in early December i was going to be migrated to some new datacenter in virginia and that my ip addresses were going to change, no big deal.

the migration goes very poorly, sites down for almost a day but i still wasn’t mad.

ever since the migration it has taken over 24 hours for tickets to be responded to. Every site i have with a dedicated ip address takes up to 20-30 seconds to load and dreamhost can’t even take the time to even script me.

I think what bothers me is i feel like i’ve been scammed into signing up for a VPS for performance issues and now it’s even worse now that i’m paying extra money.

Is anyone having similar issues with a complete lack of support after the migration as well as just overall poor performance?

It’s always sad when this happens to a company that you’ve been with for years but i honestly think i deserve a answer of some kind at least.


I apologize for the delay in response from our Technical Support.
We did encounter some problems with the migrations that caused sites to go down and in this case cause slowness for an extended period of time.
It is something we are working to get resolved asap. With this came an increase in more tech support tickets being submitted which caused a delay in responses.
This is no excuse on our behalf and you, the customer, shouldn’t be the ones being affected because of this.
Since you said the server move was back in December, can you give me a specific date? I can look up all the information if you give a domain associated with the account or an account number so I can look into your server and see if it’s still being affected by the migration.
Again, I sincerely apologize for the delay in responses and slowness of the server.
I’ll be awaiting your reply :slight_smile:

I sent in a (very rare) ticket yesterday and got a reply within 4 hours (as usual)… but it was just a reminder that the yearly hosting bill will be due next week haha :smiley:

There has been talk on the board by some Dreamhosters recently of database connectivity issues between the new and old datacenters. It appears that the databases for moved domains are being transitioned - but not simultaneously with the file data. I’d imagine the logistics would be quite complex, creating an unfortunate (and somewhat unavoidable) bottleneck.

You VPS and Dedi guys really should get some sort of priority over us shared scumbags clients.


I was able to locate your account information and was able to speak with an admin regarding your account.
We are also assigning a WP-Guru tech support lead to investigate the issue too.
So you should be expecting a reply shortly.
After you receive the reply and there are still other open tickets that havent been resolved, please post them here.
I apologize for the inconvenience all this has been causing and thank you for your patience.
Let me know if there is anything else.

Same issue for us. Our main domain on our VPS has been down for at least the last 12 hours. Not a peep out of support to my increasingly desperate requests. We’re being roasted by our clients and there’s not a thing we can do about it. DreamHost is going to have to work hard to fix its reputation on this one. Support has been going downhill for some time. Not necessarily blaming the guys on the front-line, mind you.

Actually I just had a conversation (via tickets of course) with support. The first reply from support was bad and should have never been made, but after that all went smooth and the problem has probably been fixed now (need more time to know for sure).

@LakeRat How did you get someone to sit up and listen, and when did you raise your ticket?