Dreamhost no longer allows webmail hosting AND forwarding. Please Bring It Back!

We have been with Dreamhost for over a decade and this recent disabling of Forwarding Emails in the webmail is the worst move possible. We have very many sites and projects which use Dreamhost and it appears that we unfortunately will have to move all new projects and some just established to another Hosting Service.

As a top customer I must say, this MAKES NO SENSE…you are crippling streamlined communications and hurting your clients. Why Dreamhost Why?


Totally agree! Our company has also been with Dreamhost for nearly a decade and we don’t understand why “forwarding emails” has disappeared!
“Forward-only” is absolutely no use to us. The forwarding emails option was one of the reasons for continuing to use Dreamhost over the years. Now that it’s not available, our company is considering to move hosting companies.

I hope Dreamhost will reinstate the “forward email” option to fully hosted email accounts.

I am in total agreement on this.
I just ran into this problem myself as I am used to all of my other hosted email solutions being able to forward email and keep the mail box.
The worse part was that in trying to get it to work there was no way to convert the mailbox back to a regular mailbox after I activated the forward function thinking it would work.
I had to delete the mailbox and recreate it…to get the email address functional again.

I’m another long time customer of Dreamhost and have seen multiple changes in the way that email is handled. Originally, I could set up a simple forward and have email remain in Dreamhost while forwarding to an external address. Later, I was told to create an email filter and forward that way. Now, while trying to change my filter I deleted it and the ability to forward mail is gone.

Please bring this back, as it’s essential to be able to temporarily forward mail to external accounts while keeping the primary mail account on Dreamhost.

Just found out about this. This is crucial for my business as well! It’s easier to manage emails as per department but also forward to teams and managers rather than having a single monolithic account.

Please bring back the feature!

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I have been a customer for 18 years.
All I want to do is have a “shared” email (that forwards to certain employees) and can also be used to reply.
I’ve had this for 18 years: Why did DH change this?

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New customer - only recently built my company website with Dreamhost - and it never occurred to me that this feature would be missing - it is essential! Please bring back

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This caught me by surprise as I haven’t used custom emails much in the past. But now when I need it, I was expecting this basic, simple, commonsense option to be available.

I’ve been with DH since 2006. We need the forwarding functionality so that our email managers can be notified that an email has arrived at a mailbox and then they log into the mailbox to respond to the email. Now, they would be responding from their personal email (due to forward only or not) and that will confuse the recipient / sender. The users don’t and won’t check it daily or weekly as they are not always plugged in to DH and the personnel can rotate (which means I would need the ability to change forwarding recipients) AND they want to be able to immediately respond to the recipient/sender when they get notified of emails coming in. Please bring the functionality back. Otherwise, I’d have to go on a very painful and long winded migration process to move them off DH.

Bring it back!

I really don’t want to have to go shopping for a new hosting service this year.

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