Dreamhost no longer allows webmail hosting AND forwarding. Means you cannot manage domain email from Gmail

I need help with the DH emails that I want to see from my Gmail account. I need someone to help me set-up. I don’t understand any of this stuff. I don’t think it would take long for someone who knows something about emails.

Keyplyr, I think I’m missing something. I’d love to get this resolved and it sounds like you might have a handle on this since you’re not having problems, I would appreciate your advice.

Solution, use one or the other: either DH mailboxes or aliases that forward, but no longer can you do both for the same address

If I’m already just using an alias only, not the DH mailbox, how can I avoid the problem you describe here:

your missing emails may be due to the recent privacy enactments of the major email providers. No longer can the sender include their reply email address in their message; it will be blocked & the receiver nor the sender will know.

Is there some setting in DH for aliases that you might be using and I’m not?

I’m not using contact forms, just sending email from gmail but as cassie(at)wallender.com, that gets through, but then when people reply to cassie(at)wallender.com, I don’t receive it.

Thanks for your help!


What happens if you send a test email from gmail using your alias to the same alias?

Do you get it at gmail? If everything is working properly, you should.

If others are replying but you aren’t getting it then it is something else.

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Sending a potential infinite loop has been “blocked” for years at GMail.

Note: “Blocked” in quotes because it isn’t always the case. But those that do get through on the first pass are proverbial edge cases.

Sending an email from gmail using an alias to the same alias does not create an infinite loop. I do it all the time. This is a good check to see if your DH alias forwarding is working properly.

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Sending an email to alias that forwards that email to GMail that is an alias.

Is a loop.


And has been blocked for at least a decade.

Sorry, That’s not true.

It’s not a loop. Probably because Gmail really doesn’t use the alias, it just displays it.

If you source the email sent in Gmail as the alias, you see it really sends as the Gmail account address.

Go check the DH knowledge base about the reason why the test method you advised someone to try can not be trusted. DH had to be very specific about how not to test a forwarder that goes to GMail because it was tripping people up, leading them to believe that their forwarder was broken.