Dreamhost no longer allows webmail hosting AND forwarding. Means you cannot manage domain email from Gmail

I do not use nor like the dreamhost webmail interface and manage all email through Gmail. Gmail allows you to SEND email within Gmail using a different email address (one created through dreamhost for your own domain). However, dreamhost stated: “Our system no longer allow email address (with inbox) plus email forwarding. The reason why we no longer have this feature is because most of the customers are using this feature for email archiving.”

Practically speaking, this means that I cannot get any email forwarded to my Gmail. So I can SEND email from Gmail because they allow me to add the hosted domain address created in dreamhost but any responses will go to the webhost server because of no forwarding and I will need to log in there to see it. So to send and receive email, I will need 2 web clients, Gmail to send AND Webserver to receive. This is extremely inefficient.


I can do a forward email only directly to the Gmail address but in order to REPLY as the domain hosted email created in dreamhost, I will need to log in to the web mail server to send from.

Come on. This is ridiculous

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I have seen no issues as you describe. I’m getting hourly domain alias emails forwarded to my Gmail account. I just tested a few.

is it a fully hosted email that you can also check on the webmail client or simply forward only email?

Yes fully hosted. I actually never have used the DH email client.

I just sent several emails to a couple of my domain aliases that forward to my Gmail. I sent them from a remote 3rd party email account.

In Gmail, I replied using other domain aliases and they were delivered to Gmail.

Maybe DH stopped letting you have both… a DH mailbox AND forwarding for the same aliases.

were these domain emails created very recently? They said that they used to do it but now its stopped. If you had them in place before the rule change, you can keep it but anyone setting it up now cannot have it fully hosted and forwarded (as you are currently doing and what I am trying to do) :frowning:

They told me to come here and post in the forum. That was their solution…

The email forwarded aliases were created at the same time of hosting account creation, 8 years ago.

Again… Maybe DH stopped letting you have both a DH mailbox AND forwarding for the same aliases.

Yes, they DID Stop, which is ridiculous and they told me my only course of action was to come post about it in the hopes that if enough people find it a useful feature… they may consider adding it back. I really need it for business.

How useful is the feature for you?

I could not operate my business without domain forwarding email aliases and would need to move my websites to a hosting company that offered it.

exactly, something I am now forced to consider after many years with dreamhost. :frowning: I hope you have all the aliases you need in place already. You cannot make new ones…

Why would you need both email hosting and forwarding?

I can understand DH decision if, as you say, people were using their DH mailboxes as additional storage either by intention or just from lack of attention since they were receiving forwarded emails at remote clients.

I never created DH mailboxes, I’ve always only forwarded.

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This problem has been introduced since the removal of the ‘also forward’ option for dreamhost hosted mailboxes. I understand this was removed because people were using the feature to send via smtp on gmail and instantly forward emails to receive them in gmail. This meant there was a great deal of redundant email storage on dreamhost mailboxes.

Although it is possible to use pop3 via gmail the google algorithm automatically adjusts how often it requests emails via pop3 based on historic volume of email. This means that for email accounts that only get a few emails a day the frequency reduces to an hourly check via pop3, which is obviously not sufficient. Therefore pop3 is not a viable option for most people.

Why can there not be an option to allow mailboxes to forward but then limit the account to a small amount of storage on the dreamhost servers? Perhaps deleting any message older than 30days would work?

I see others are also having issue with this and I urge Dreamhost to consider a workaround. Meanwhile I will begin the arduous process of investigating Dreamhost alternatives and migrating away.

Thanks for being able to state so eloquently what I cannot regarding the issue.

I also thought that your solution to the problem by only allowing a small amount of storage on the dreamhost servers by deleting messages older than 30days etc. was a much better solution than not allowing it at all thereby preventing us from using the feature which is detrimental to my business.

If not addressed and corrected to how they had it before, I like to will be migrating. :frowning: Let me know if you find a good alternative, I may join you.

If you can get by with 100GB of email storage then you can set up your own mailserver on an Oracle free-tier box. Presently you can create 2 x VPS with 1GB RAM and 100GB block storage each free of charge.

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I created an account just to chime in here.

I have a ton of domains and email aliases via DreamHost - all forwarding to Gmail.

Recently, email will just stop working to these aliases. I’m really over it and looking to move away from DreamHost if this isn’t resolved quickly.

As do I. They continue to perform as intended.

As described in the above posts, the change only affects DH hosted mailboxes that are also forwarding.

Solution, use one or the other: either DH mailboxes or aliases that forward, but no longer can you do both for the same address.

Personally, I see no issue with this.

Hi Keyplyr, the issue is that you cannot centralize email. You have to use both the webmail portal AND GMAIL for use. I dont like the webmail interface and would prefer to centralize email through GMAIL. With forwarding only, you can receive email to the domain name in GMAIL but cannot reply FROM GMAIL. All replies will be from the GMAIL address. This is not efficient and annoying and very confusing for a customer.

I rescind my reply (of at least 20 characters).

Dreamhost are no longer “in control” of your email.
They store what gets through.

Glad you’re having no issues, but I am.

I am not using DH hosted mailboxes, but rather alias-only forwarding email addresses using my domains hosted here. These are forwarded to gmail. For some reason I don’t know, they periodically no longer work. People will show me they’ve emailed but I never get it. This has happened with other folk’s forwarding emailing that I set up with DH as well.

Again… I do this and have seen no issues.

However, your missing emails may be due to the recent privacy enactments of the major email providers. No longer can the sender include their reply email address in their message; it will be blocked & the receiver nor the sender will know.

This is not done by DH but by various ‘Email Security Gateways’ as part of the ongoing internet privacy concerns.

I had to remove the your email address fields from all my contact forms at my sites. Customers would think I was ignoring their emails which I would not receive.

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