Dreamhost newsletter in september

Dear sirs…

I have read september’s newsletter and frankly, well… I just can’t tell you how upset I am. No wait, actually I can… I’m very upset!

How could you? I mean… how??

Our “friend”, the “CEO”, proudly states that you have customers “from Brazil to Canada”, in what I can only think of as an attempt to show the superb american education system’s results imparting geography lessons, and trying to mean from the south tip of the globe to the north…

That would be fine and dandy, except whooooah! Brazil is not the southernest part, it’s actually Argentina, where you also have customers from, namely me! So why, why do you discriminate me, Dreamhost? Is it because I’m so far away I can’t do anything about it? Is it because my activity in hosting has been ZERO so far? Hey, that’s how you compensate to get the big bucks anyway right? Somebody’s gotta host nothing huh?

Maybe you’d like me better if I was closer. Maybe if I was in the states… Maybe you wouldn’t discriminate me if you got to know me. Maybe if you would have accepted my request to sponsor me and get that job at Dreamhost I wanted with so many fabulous benefits (like the free hosting to host my nothing!), none of this would have happened, and you would be, right now enjoying my constant joking around, my finely tuned sarcasm, my acid humor, my… oh wait… ok, I see why…

Never mind, see y’all next newsletter.

  1. The CEO is Australian. I’m sure that the Argentinean education system knows that Australia is not part of any America.
  2. I’m pretty sure he’s just letting us know that customers come from countries that span the entire alphabet from B to C.

This was a waste of my time reading.

Should I feel discrimated too? LOL

  1. Ah, well, here we tend to read only the most interesting parts of the newsletter, hence, skipped the part about him being an aussie… (hey, maybe he should have used that as an example!)

  2. Ah then that makes perfect sense


No, you should feel cheated by God and pray he might give you a sense of humor…