Dreamhost migration to Oregon - DNS consequences

Hello !

My website is hosted by Dreamhost, has been since the dawn of times. Its domain is abeille-cyclotourisme.fr (not hosted by Dreamhost but by Bookmyname). On Bookmyname, I have pointed abeille-cyclotourisme.fr to “ns1.dreamhost .fr” and two others equivalent (3 total) just that, no indication of IP. So far so good: its works. No need to worry, so far …

I just received from Dreamhost the following message by mail (“Dreamhost moves to Oregon”) and failed to understand what, except the fact it may be raining more often on the servers after the move, it means for me:

“Important note! If your site uses external DNS (i.e., not set up with our nameservers), you will need to configure your DNS provider with your site’s new IP addresses within seven days. We will email you with your new IPs after your site has been migrated. Your IP info is also available any time by clicking ‘DNS’ in your account control panel here:[…]”

Am I using external DNS ? Will I need, on Bookmyname, to point abeille-cyclotourisme.fr to other thing than ns1.dreamhost.fr and its two others pals or will that remain unchanged ? what of this IP stuff ?

Sorry for being a little thick. TIA for more clarification.

You are not using external DNS, you are using dreamhost’s DNS. Since you’ve pointed the domain’s nameservers to dreamhost name servers (NS1, NS2. NS3). you need not worry, the IP addresses will be updated automatically.

People that need to worry are those that have other nameservers, not dreamhost’s, and have manually entered IP addresses in DNS server’s other than dreamhost’s.

Thanks LakeRat. This helps enormously. No need to worry. Thanks, again.

  1. I haven’t heard about Dreamiest moving anything to Oregon. Maybe they moved your sites to a server called “oregon.”

  2. Your name servers are ns1.dreamhost.com, etc. (not .fr) As LakeRat said, it looks like everything will be taken care of for you.

It’s Oregan the state: https://www.dreamhost.com/blog/2015/08/04/portland-here-we-come/

They moved my shared hosting to a new server in Oregan about a week ago.

his nameservers are pointed to dreamhost.comhttps://www.instra.com/en/whois/whois-result/abeille-cyclotourisme_fr I looked before i typed, but just chose to ignore that discrepancy… the real question was did he need to update anything.

Cool! I must have been hibernating when that was posted to the blog. I have been paying attention to the Data Centers section of my panel and it doesn’t say anything about Oregon. Now I know it only lists the three data centers I know of only because that’s where my services are hosted.

Apparently that page only shows what’s applicable to the user, I don’t see the East Coast data center on mine.

Correct. The Data Centers page in the DreamHost Panel only displays datacenters that are in some way related to your account. [color=#F0F8FF]This way, our volcano lair datacenter is kept a secret.[/color]