Dreamhost making my life difficult

After moving my domains and spending a couple days getting everything working on dreamhost I had the panel balk on adding a sub-domain (after successfully adding a few others) I deactivated it thinking I could just readd it. Unfortunately the panel said it already existed, but it didn’t in my panel. So I contacted support and asked them to remove any instance of the SUB-domain so I could readd it. They removed the WHOLE DOMAIN. WTF? So now there’s no dns for that domain and it has been down since 12AM this morning (it’s now 9AM).

After taking so much care in transfering the domains so there would be almost no downtime. I get boned by dreamhost support.

5 days into a 2 year contract.

For future reference, the problem of the subdomain all ready existing usually resolves itself in 24 hours.