Dreamhost Maintenance Disrupted Custom Python 2.7 Setup


Dreamhost updated the shared server we use yesturday. Now when we run our Python scripts we get the error:

This error occurs when our scripts try to import the hashlib module. Do you have any advice on what has gone wrong and what we should do to fix it?

We installed a custom version of Python 2.7, PyCrypto, VirtualEnv, WMI. It was a lot of work and I am hoping its not something we have to do again. Did Dreamhost’s update include an upgrade to Python 2.7 and hopefully PyCrypto installation? If it did then it maybe worthwhile changing our bash.rc file to point to the default Python version (2.7 now). But will we still be able to install new modules on the default version?

Try re-installing the module, see https://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-144122.html for a similar issue.