Dreamhost Mailbombing Me~! :(

I’ve posted about this before, but nobody seems to know what’s happening or how to stop it and it’s causing me no end of agony and frustration…

For SOME reason, when email is being sent out from my mailerbot (messageboard@), if it sends to an email name that is unknown, it bounces back to ozort@cortes, which for some reason THEN bounces to webmaster@ozort, which is my primary mailbox. I have messageboard@ set to delete all emails, and a catchall going to spamme@, but the email doesnt get bounced to it at all, it gets bounced to ozort@cortez for some crazy reason, and THEN sent to webmaster@

I run a message board with about 250 members, and I’m getting maybe 40 bounced emails a day, and it keeps getting worse. It’s causing a severe disruption to my primary business, which uses this as it’s email account. How do I make Dreamhost stop sending bounced mail to my primary email address?

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That’s a misleading subject line. It looks like you’re mailbombing yourself.

As I recall, you’re running phpBB. Is messageboard@ a real mailbox, or a forwarder? How about setting up a fresh new mailbox and change your phpBB config to use that one?


Apparently I am mailbombing myself, but I don’t have anything set up that would cause it to happen; it appears to be a default Dreamhost setting that can’t be changed. The emails are being forwarded since phpBB can only forward emails and can’t actually use a real email address (to my knowledge).

The mailbox@ is an actual email address that was created explicitly to catch and delete mail. The mail isn’t coming there though; after being sent it’s getting bounced straight back to ozort@cortes.

I’ve set up a blocker to block all email from ozort@cortes, which seems like a silly thing to do; to have to automatically delete all emails coming from a renegade account that I own that seems to have turned evil.

Do you have a zombie problem and nowhere else to turn? Ask the specialists! http://ozort.org

This doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t see what you mean by phpBB forwarding.

I know you set up a messageboard mailbox that deletes without bounce, but it sounds like it’s not doing this. What happens if you turn it into a real mailbox so it doesn’t delete or bounce mail? Just out of curiosity.

Can you double check in Manage Email in the panel to be sure it says “Deleted without bounce.” for that address? Maybe that setting didn’t really get caught by the system, which is why I suggested that you make it a real mailbox just to wake things up.