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Can somebody tell me what (if?) the default mailbox size is for dreamhost web-based email? I pitched my idea to switch webhosts today, and while the idea was generally well received, there were concerns about email.

You can set as much as you can within your quota

If you want 100 GB there is no problem :wink:

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Dito on the reply above, just a side note: there is a 7mb limit to attachments when using web-mail.

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Thanks. I assume that any space used within email counts against the amount of space given to me within my plan?

Am I reading that right for the disk space given. If I sign up for a level 1 plan, I get 174gb of space, and that increases by 1gb each week? We currently use Yahoo, and they give us 5gb of space!

Yes, you can use 174GB of space for mails, and it will increase at 1GB/week.

You can set different quota for each email account.

PS : how did you get 5GB on yahoo ? I have only 1GB there (and mail plus option allow only 2GB).

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Thanks. I think that I confused you. My question is whether the 17gb of space the DH provides includes space used by mail users. So, if I have 10 users who want 10gb of space each, that’s 100gb used right there. Or is email space seperate? My guess is that they come from the same pool.

For Yahoo, our limitation is 2gb for email, but the disk space provided by the start package is only 5gb, which is shocking when I look at what DH provides.

yes, all disk usage is pooled. The amount you get with your account is the total amount of storage you can use for website, E-mail, and databases. That total amount also grows by x every week depending on the plan you have.

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You can set quotas independently for each user.

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If people really using 17GB of email, you can have 10 users.

But you can set 100GB quota for email if you want, with a lot of accounts.

If the average usage is 1GB, you can have 170 users.

You can even set “disk quota”, which mean no limit at all.

You just have to watch from time to time if an user don’t abuse of this amount of space (there is statistics).

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yes, the email space somes from the same pool.

and your user really uses too much space. The good thing is that the space is increased weekly. I think DH is the most suitable for you because of the huge space :stuck_out_tongue:

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[quote]there were concerns about email.


FYI, If you search this forum and elsewhere for problems with email, you will find a number of reports.

Here is a (somewhat confusing) site with detailed comparisons. Summary of DreamHost problems history is included in the Warning section. Most are old, but some are newer.


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it should be more than enough space, but if you are worried about space, you can sign up for google apps for your domain which just came out of beta. They have a pay version and a free version. The free version has as many users as you ask for (start w/ 1000 so that you dont HAVE to ask for more). Each account is allotted 2 gb on google’s mail server. To find out more info/sign up, go to: