Dreamhost mail servers bouncing contact form emails

Anyone else have problems with contact form emails not being delivered?

I was having problems with my contact forms last week but fixed everything last Saturday 5/11, tested all of my forms with several different types of email addresses (gmail, yahoo, aol, ect) all with success and hit my inbox instantly.

Come Wednesday my boss is telling me he hasn’t received a single email from the website contact forms when he usually receives a few inquiries a day.

I checked the forms and behold they’re not working again and this issue is not on my end but most certainly with Dreamhost.

I contacted support via chat 5/17 and while talking to someone for 2 hours they claimed it was an issue with the servers and it should be fixed in a few hours and all of my messages for that day from the contact forms (which I had test emails) will hit the inbox.

Well it’s been 15 hours and there is still nothing in the inbox or junk folder and the form emails are still not being received, so I have countless emails that are just vanishing.

Anyone else having these issues? If anyone from the support team can help me ASAP I would greatly appreciate it. A week of emails not being received from potential clients is a problem. And yes I have already opened a support ticket, for the second time.

I haven’t had any problems that I’m aware of but you could always do your own (harder) or use a third party such as http://www.formmail.com/plans/ http://www.tectite.com/hostedforms.php
Not affiliated with dreamhost or the above organizations

ditto no problems here … just checked … mine works

issue’s been fixed, seems the spam filter blacklisted an email it shouldn’t have.

thanks to whoever is running the dreamhostcare twitter for expediting my issue and to Ryan for properly replying to my support ticket.

Whoever is running chat though needs to work on their people skills and listen to what their customers are saying, 1 out of 3 people tried to help, the other 2 were extremely rude and could care less to what I had to say.

Putting in a complaint might help curb that behaviour: http://dreamhost.com/contact