Dreamhost lost my domain - Warning!

This is a warning to anyone using dreamhost to manage their domain registrations. I’ve had a .cc domain for years now and their system has allowed another company to purchase it out from under my account. When reported they took 3 days to respond and offered to refund my $25 for the domain.

When I saw they were having issues I started moving my other domains and were able to purchase some of my domains on godaddy without unlocking or transferring them. These were domains still managed and not expired and they showed up in the godaddy search as available.

I’m moving all my accounts and sites to other hosting. Over the years I’ve had way too many security and management issues. I’m done. Ask yourself if losing your domains is worth the cheap monthly cost. Ill never get this domain back because of them.

“Over the years I’ve had way too many security and management issues.” I don’t have my domains registered with Dreamhost. I’d rather not keep all my eggs in one basket so I use an outside registrar and DNS. It keeps me in control. But I wonder about what other security issues you’ve had. Don’t bother telling me about the management issues as I am already PAINFULLY aware of that. I’ll get around to getting another host… but it’s a pain to reconfigure everything. I’m sure Dreamhost relies on that. Have to say very disappointing… cheap cost or not. So what security issues besides the lost domain have you had? That worries me.
BTW… you should stay away from GoDaddy. They have been known for domain hijacking. I have a friend who registered their domain with them. GoDaddy retained the domain in THEIR name. I forget how they explained why that was… but it was a REAL PAIN getting it away from them.