Dreamhost Login in Stolen


The Dreamhost log in for my and my friends site has been stolen. The site itself is FF-XIII.net, the forums were hacked, and I’m assuming the hacker got our admin, David’s, passwords, because now both his hotmail, and the gmail account he uses for our Dreamhost account has been stolen too.

David still has access to the FTP luckily, so we’re quickly backing up the entire site, but the hacker still has our log in.

We need Dreamhosts help on how to stop this hacker before he takes the website offline, especially before we finish backing it all up.

His stolen gmail account he uses with Dreamhost is finalfantasykid@gmail.com. He still has his secondary gmail for the site, ffxiiiadmin@gmail.com, and he has emailed someone at Dreamhost aswell, without response.

We can prove we’re the owners because David can still access the FTP, and I image he still has the same IP as you have logged (I’m assume Dreamhost logs our IPs). David has the one and only FTP log in.

Um, help!

(just to clarify, my email, contact@finalfantasyxiii.net, is from a secondary site on our network, not the site being hacked). My name is Kyle Wynen.

If you could even block signing into the Dreamhost account for now if that isn’t enough proof that we’re the owners, that would do as we just do not want the site to go offline!


We’re just customers. You should contact DreamHost at:

And thanks to snapshot and database backups, your old data will stay intact for a week or so.