Dreamhost limiting connections

back in may 2006, my site, on level 3 code monster, was shutted down repeatedly by dreamhost because my site used up all the apache connections on their server. my site uses up to 2tb and have an average of 500000 visitors per month. this is because my site is for hosting mp3 and gained popularity really fast. (legality issues aside, i was not hassled by any law firms!)

dreamhost shutted my site down temporarily many times and/or limited the number of concurrent apache connections to my site to a very low value. i then had my payment refunded and closed the site. they told me to stay, because they are setting up servers for high usage customers like me, but i denied.

my question is: for those with sites using a LOT of bandwidth, and a LOT of visitors, is dreamhost still disabling sites and emailing you with “i’ve limited the number of concurrent apache connections to your site because your site is crashing our servers, affecting other customers site.”? thanks~

i want to open my site back up again, because all the money was refunded as “credits” for future hostings with dreamhost, and all the money is being wasted by sitting in my account doing nothing.

That’s a question that only DH support can answer authoritatively. I certainly hope they would continue to put those kind of limits on shared server users.

With 500,000 visitors a month, you should be able to monetize your site sufficently to afford a dedicated server, which Dreamhost now offers (again). Using your credits towards a dedicated server would at least give you some value.


I have no idea about the ‘quality’ of your traffic, but as rlparker said, you really shouldn’t have too many problems making a site with 500k visitors/month pay for a dedicated server.

A quick look around Commission Junction should turn up one or two affiliate programs that would fit in with your site. With that much traffic, it is possible that a simple DreamHost banner might generate enough referral income to pay for hosting costs.

I only wish that I had a similar problem with one of my sites. :slight_smile:


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agreed! :slight_smile:

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