Dreamhost knockoff?

I just had a user sign up for our 400 Man LAN Party and his name is “dreamhost.” This registered him on our forums, so I thought maybe he was checking out the board… then I realized the IP is my neck of the woods and his email address is @mydreamhost.net

So I looked at the site http://www.mydreamhost.net/ and they seem to be some DH knockoff.

My site’s home page has a DH banner on it. I’m somewhat worried the guy may try to pass himself off as you guys, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

I figured DH might like to know, and some of you might be interested and have some feedback as well.

Could this be another DH knockoff? “DreamHost - web hosting at price of your dreams” - http://www.dreamhost.co.nz/

  • marsbar

Wow, for $19.95/mo you could get 20MB of space and 3gig/mo bandwidth. They may be leaching off of the name, but they’re far from being considered as competition.


We know about both.

As far as the one in New Zealand, my understanding is that since they’re not in the US, and not doing business here, we can’t enforce our trademark.

The other one… we know about it and our lawyer has looked into it; my understanding is that since their signup form was broken, it was hard for us to prove they’re actually doing business, or something like that. But now it looks like their shopping cart might work, so I will mention it to our team.

I find that quite hilarious. I don’t feel that action should be taken on mydreamhost… I’d be too lazy, I’d probably just end up emailing them some pornographic gay male pictures with some vulgar language… Much more fun than a lawsuit.

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