Dreamhost issues?

just curious…

dreamhost.com was down a coupla minutes ago, it still a little sluggish, and my forum is loading a little inconsistently (and this message took a coupla tries to get through)…the rest of the internet is zippy as ever, so it seems to perhaps be a dreamhost issue…

anything up? or just typical ebbs and flows?

I just ditched a month of annoyance w/ powweb, so the last thing I’m eager to find is more downtime/slowdowns. lol

Are you still seeing this? Can you post a traceroute to your domain (or to dreamhost.com) so I can see the inbound route traffic is taking?

Further followup - I was seeing some issues through one of our upstreams, but wanted to confirm. At this point, I’ve confirmed that Level(3) (one of our providers) had some pretty big problems (mostly affecting the east coast). I just posted an announcement about this.

Things should be resolved now.

I had a 3-4 hour period right at quitting time last night when I could reach nothing in the DH network (well, it becomes quitting time when this happens :slight_smile:

I did a trace route to verify that I should go home but didn’t report it. My question to you will is: anytime you can get a tracert for this sort of thing is that good for you? Or just a nuisance? I often (relative term there) run them and see blockage then just move to a different task rather than contacting support and getting the “everything looks ok now” reponse hours later. You guys are not normally down or unreachable for long if at all after all :wink:

I did c&p the last hop before time outs last night and show it to an associate on icq so I can insert that from the log:

eqix-peer.dfw01.mzima.net []


It’s good, or at least better than a complaint without a traceroute :>.

This was a backbone problem within SBC’s network, affecting the Midwest. It didn’t affect all traffic, but did seem to cause problems for traffic hitting us via Mzima. Once we became aware of the situation, we took steps to work around it temporarily.

glad you guys are on top of things :>