Dreamhost is useless

I’ve been with dream host now since 2006. first of all I will tell you what I like about dream host. unlimited database, plenty of disk space, unlimited domains and ease of use in the control panel. unfortunately that is where the praise ends. I am absolutely sick of dreamhost, I have had so many issues with slowness, you wouldn’t believe that. I have even gone to a private server and that has made no difference whatsoever. at the moment I’m running on 600 MB at $660 a year, and at the time of writing, I cannot get on any of my websites, this is a common occurrence. I have various websites hosted with dream host and this problem affects all of them. I have lost count of the times I have contacted support, nothing has been done, it’s absolutely appalling. I can’t understand why this is, I am throwing money down the drain at the moment with this private server. somebody else must be having the same problem as me. I have got hosting with other companies and the shared hosting is miles quicker than the private server on here.

I’d take a guess that you’ve overtaxing the server. Don’t you find it interesting that every server that you are on has speed issues?


Interesting indeed. Though I suppose it’s perfectly possible that he is not loading the server at all and simply has a voodoo curse that is following him around wherever he goes.

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