Dreamhost is too fast

Dear Dreamhost: We’ve been a happy customer for some years now. Over the last couple days you moved our account from our long-time server to a much faster 64-bit server. Please, it’s too fast, move it back. We’re not used to getting such an excellent response from Drupal or WordPress. FTP directory rendering with FileZilla is as fast as on my PC - I don’t have time to do anything anymore while I’m navigating my site. How can I tell things are working if everything comes back instantly to tell me it’s done? Can’t you add a long sleep in there to make it like “old server emulation mode”?

For anyone looking to change hosting to DH, beware! I don’t think the support people are trained to make up excuses for why their servers are so fast. If you ask them to make it like your old server before you sign up, they’ll probably treat you like you’re stupid. Don’t sign up with DH unless you are really sure that you can settle for a faster server. If you need a slower one to work the same as what you have now then I encourage you to look at all of the other providers.

I don’t know how long we can take this anymore. Maybe I need to add more apps or modules or data or something to muck it up. I’ll try to add more domains and invite more registered users and see if we can help to slow it down for everyone else - it’s the least we can can do for fellow customers who suffer like we do on these new servers.

Dreamhost - why can’t you be like other hosts and just leave us alone?


I, too, have been disappointed on a weekly basis. My mon.itor.us report keeps coming back with 100% uptime. Now I’ll never get any of those free days of hosting due to an outage.

Oh yeah, don’t get me started on down time! “We’re scheduling a move of your site” it says in the emails. Where? When? The whole thing happened without me knowing! My old host didn’t bother me with stupid emails about moving my data, they just did it. I like hearing from my clients! They call to tell me the site is down, we get a chance to chat. That personal touch is important. They would try to email but my old host was nice enough to have email down for maintenance a lot, so I’d have more opportunities to talk with our valued clients. Nope, can’t get that with DH anymore.

And, c’mon, let’s be real here - most of us need time away from family and friends right? I had a perfect excuse to avoid all that because everyone understands that when a site gets moved that it’s going to take a couple days to fix IP addresses and directory paths and hostname references, etc. Again, DH doesn’t provide that service anymore. Our migration was done without any effort required on my part. So now I look like a useless idiot cuz I have nothing to do here.

Over the years DH keeps adding on like umpteen gazillion terabytes of disk and bandwidth allowance. What the heck am I supposed to do with that? At least my old host put a limit on that so that it wouldn’t get out of hand. Ha! And my old host also helped to keep me from getting confused by limiting the number of MySQL database I could have. Now I have like 20 of them, and all of these user names and passwords to manage in a dashboard - what a hassle. And frankly, my accounting people are wondering why we haven’t paid for any of these like at our old host - I think DH forgot but I’m not going to say anything.

And finally (?!) as if we weren’t being bombarded by enough stuff already, DH keeps adding new click-to-install packages and support services. I don’t need that crap. I know most other people would really want a host that provides all of this stuff but at my old host it was kinda nice to have a company that didn’t really know anything about software. They focused on servers, and that helped us to focus our Support calls on questions about when service was coming back.

There’s just too much in this package at a deceptively low price. I know the other shoe is going to drop any minute now. And now it’s all running just too fast. You just wait DreamHost. With enough of us complaining about this you’re going to get a lot of public attention. That’ll give you something to cry about in your oh so funny (semi- almost- not-quite monthly) newsletters!