Dreamhost is non-responsive


My site supposedly is/was causing Apache software problems. It was supposed to be re-enabled after a short time but was not. So we can troubleshoot this I have been emailing DH for the last 16 hours with no reply. My domain is still down. Their voice mailbox is full.


This sounds like b.s. to me.

Dreamhost does all of their support via email (except for the bigger plans, which allow you to have them call you). I don’t know what number you’re calling. Dreamhost aims to respond to all support request within 24 hours (and does most in less time than that, especially if you notify them of an outage).

If your site really is down, I feel for you, but this doesn’t add up.


Yeah and if you are a customer why make anonymous postings in a “curious about dreamhost” forum?

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Granted, the original post does sound a little odd, but what motive would anyone have for posting such a thing if it wasn’t true?

I guess a competitive hosting company could plant such threads in the hope that it would paint DreamHost in a bad way, but surely they realise that customers who had an entirely different experience would post and negate any such effect?

Personally, I can not fault the response speed of DreamHost support. Whenever I lodge a ‘site down’ type of support request (thankfully, not very often), I always get a prompt response. Also, my general enquiries, while not being answered quite as quickly as outage reports, are generally handled within 24 hours.


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