Dreamhost is dishonest

i bought a shared hosting.dreamhost say that i have 2 tb monthly traffic.However,dreamhost restricted me and they disabled my script.Because i consumed very traffic.However,i consumed only 129.581 GB for 12 days.Dreamhost is dishonest.i wait an explanation from them.

Didn’t they send you an email or something? Try posting that here, we’re not psychic.

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Accounts are also placed under restriction if they consume too much of the available cpu cycles on shared servers.

The disabling of your script suggests that this is the culprit, rather than consumption of less than 10% of your allotted bandwidth.

i sent a mail.they say your script is inefficient and it consume very memory.However,i am using same script at godaddy.com and i have not any problem with godaddy.Why do dreamhost restrict my account?

How do i solve the problem?

It’s not just you whose scripts are restricted, all of us are required to be courteous so as to provide everyone on the shared servers with reasonable performance.

GoDaddy doesn’t do it either because higher monthly rates allow for more cpu cycles, or because they are less concerned with the level of service they offer their customers.

how do i solve problem? If i change my script,all data of my site will be deleted.

Seems to me that optimizing your script is the most likely way to correct your problem. Maybe someone here could offer suggestions if you wanted to post it.

What leads you to believe you’ll lose all your data if the script is changed?