Dreamhost is a bad choice

Working in the so-called “Control Panel” is more a nightmare than a dream. I have been working with webhosts and their C-panels for over 15 years, and have never seen one as useless as Dreamhost. What should be a simple task becomes a clunky, cumbersome, frustrating and irritating chore.

For example, in a proper C-Panel environment, copying/moving a website into a new sub-directory, or from a sub-dir to the root, takes a few seconds.

With Dreamhost it takes AGES and there is no guarantee that it will happen.

I just tried to COPY a set of folders into the root and got this message:

[b]Your task was stopped

The task you wanted to perform with net2ftp took more time than the allowed 30 seconds, and therefor that task was stopped.
This time limit guarantees the fair use of the web server for everyone.

Try to split your task in smaller tasks: restrict your selection of files, and omit the biggest files.[/b]

This and a whole load of other frustrating inadequacies make dreamhost a total nightmare!

It is definitely time to move to a decent hosting environment. Anyone thinking of hosting with this archaic and inadequate system should think twice! There’s plenty of choice out there… why use a host that is so antiquated and inadequate?

Takes a second or less using an SSH connection.

So stop using net2ftp! It’s not supposed to be a primary tool for managing your site, just a handy utility for situations where you can’t use a proper FTP client. You’ll have much better results by using a desktop FTP client such as Filezilla or WinSCP.

See http://wiki.dreamhost.com/FTP for details on setting up an FTP client.