Dreamhost IPs

I currently have a domain hosted elsewhere and due to the cost of upgrading from the most basic account here at dreamhost (to get full DNS control) I would rather keep it that way. Is it possible to find the IPs of the web and mail servers so that I can point www. and the mail to dreamhost, but keep the actual control over the dns elsewhere? I can’t find this information anywhere in the knowledge base. Can anyone help?

If not I’ll go bother tech support…


I’m experiencing the same problem also, one thing that you can do:

  1. change the name server to dreamhost
  2. wait till it resolve
  3. ping the address to get the IP address ( their mail server is different than the website server )

Goes through a lot of trouble but if you really need it it, then thats one thing that you could do.

I hope dreamhost would include the IP address for each server when they send the welcome msg.

PS: for the webmail, they use mail.yourdomain.com so if you set different i.e: pop3.yourdomain.com you cant login into the webmail.
you can only retrieve it from POP3 or IMAP

somebody corrent me if i’m wrong.

I’m sure support would give you this information.

Also, and I could be totaly wrong here, I think that if you get into telent/ssh and ping thoes services, you will get the correct IP address. I believe that the server will access Dreamhost’s DNS, and return the IP you want, rather than what you might get from doing this on your home computer.


Indeed that’s possible, but I wanted to be able to know the IPs before changing to dreamhost so I didn’t have any downtime. Support very helpfully gave me all the mail. IPs anyway, I presume they’ll also give the others if I ask. Shame I can’t pay a small monthly extra to get full DNS control really… then I’d just let them handle the DNS