DreamHost instead of dotmac (.Mac)


Has anyone tried using Dreamhost instead of a dotmac (.Mac) account for iWeb publishing, iCal calendar sharing, 2 way web gallery picture sharing, and all the other things that a dotmac account can do? I’d love to hear from anyone that has actual experience with this.

Scott Martin


I’ve been using iWeb for publishing a number of sites on dreamhost for over a year, without problems. However, I’ve just begun encountering problems after updating to iLife '08, but only with pages that have accented characters in the filename.

Sharing iCal calendars, by setting up a webdav folder, works well.

Dreamhost can be set up for jabber accounts for iChat, as well.



Thanks for your reply Henry. Are you using the publish to folder method or the publish to .mac method? Are you able to use two way photo sharing with 08? Is the website on a WebDAV enabled folder.

What I’m hoping to do is get my Dreamhost account to “pretend” to be .Mac so that everything works seamlessly as if it were my real .Mac account. Does that make sense? There are some detailed discussion about hacking accounts and you computer to make this work but I wanted to know if anyone at Dreamhost had done this.

Scott Martin