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I am looking forward on purchasing a dedicated hosting/server from either DH or other suppliers. Right now im curious on what is the transfer rate that the DH is providing for their dedicated hosting/server clients.

Looking forward for a clear response from your side.

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This is a customer-to-customer forum and we are just customers like you. I’ll suggest you to contact DH support and I’m sure they will be happy to answer your question.


I suggest the OP could have been better worded:

(1) the title should say something like “Inquiry about transfer rate” instead of just “Inquiry”; this would make the thread more useful for everyone,

and (2) “Looking forward for a clear response from your side” is unrealistic: posting in a forum is more likely to produce an interestingly varied response than a clear response;

but those quibbles aside, this as an ideal place for the OP to ask that question. For one thing, the dreamhost website says,

[quote]Can’t find an answer in our wiki? Browse through our discussion forums. Some of our more knowledgeable customers and a few of our employees frequent the forums on a regular basis.

Please note that the forums are not considered an ‘official’ location for requesting technical support from DreamHost employees.

Chances are if you can’t find it in the wiki, it’s already been answered in the forums![/quote]
Well, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the wiki has nothing worth reading about this question.

This forum, on the other hand, has a lively thread on the subject from 2007, but which is probably too old to be relevant now. It’s worth asking the question here again.

Asking the question here instead of through Dreamhost technical support makes good sense, if it would produce a snapshot of

(1) what transfer rates experienced customers are actually getting
(2) how well it matches what they think they should be getting.



Maybe part of the difficulty with answering this question clearly is that a webhosting company presumably wouldn’t replace all of its equipment at the same time, but instead would have a rolling program of incremental replacement;

this would tend to mean that at any given moment, they might have a variety of equipment running at a range of speeds, so it would not be possible for them to specify a definite transfer speed that they can offer to everyone (or even to everyone on a particular price plan).

If they specify the maximum that they can offer to new customers, that would lead to complaints from many existing customers on older servers; if they specify a more conservative measure, that would lead to loss of new customers who could actually have been accommodated.