Dreamhost Incompetence

Easy fellow dreamhost users
Yesterday I logged into my server to discover that over 9GB of files have mysteriously vanished!
Has anyone else had this same problem???
All the permissions on the missing files had been changed to 777 (open for everyone to do everything) the file names are there just every missing file says it is 0 bytes.
Upon getting in touch with the dreamhost support ticket thing i have been told…

Quote- “…Unfortunately, it looks like you’re going to have to re-upload them…however, it’s only a smattering of them(for some reason…I’m stumped), so you don’t have to re-upload the entire directory…”

A Smattering!!! 9 GB is a smattering??!!?? Uploading 9 GB of files will take me days and days of solid uploading!
Has anyone else had this problem?
Its making me be concerned for the other files i have on my dreamhost server.
How about a name change to “NightmareHost” wud be more fitting methinks

Could this be the cause? http://www.dreamhoststatus.com/2007/09/18/file-server-shuffling-3/

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thats what i thought but apparently its not, i hav had the odd file go missing b4 and just re-uploaded it, but this is a major load of files

If you’re going to insult someone’s capabilities, you should at least spell “incompetence” correctly.


changed for you bruv :wink:
losing 9GB of files is slightly more of an issue that my poor spelling but thanks for the heads up

Did you look into your .snapshot folder to see if the files were not saved there?

See the wiki article for information on how to access your snapshot folder, in case you aren’t already aware of it.

It would be my guess, if the support tech didn’t offer this solution, that your data may have indeed been saved in there. I could be wrong of course, but it’s worth looking into at least :wink:

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i didnt know about it, but it appears they are not there either, and the tech support said it looked like the files had been gone for over 2 weeks (which i now assume they were referring to this snapshot function)
i cant see the files as having been gone over 2 weeks as i do daily updates to my server and instantly noticed yesterday that lots of files were gone (its not like u can easily not notice when 9GB is missing, lol)
the mystery deepens…

Well, not to be completely rude, but your story thus far just doesn’t add up. If the files were supposedly there for longer than 2 weeks, then they would certainly show up within the last two week’s backups. That the files aren’t there at all proves only further, at least to me, that such data probably hadn’t existed on the server for some time (for over two weeks at least).
As thus, I must conclude that your own incompetence for not being aware of this fact beforehand does not indicate any incompetence on DreamHost’s side. Such things don’t just “mysteriously” disappear - at least not from 2 weeks worth of backups that aren’t even located on the same hard drive as that of your active data.

Again, I do not intend to be rude or claim you to be a liar; but, based off of what you’ve said so far and my own experience with DH backups, along with other’s claims in various forum posts, leaves very little room to believe otherwise. On what basis can you claim that DreamHost “randomly” deleted your files? And from the backups?
Are you sure someone else might not have gained access to your account and deleted said files? And if they did - it would have had to of been much longer than 2 weeks ago, considering one cannot actually remove files from the backups (based off of my own accidental attempt).
Without such answers, at least reasonably argued in your favor, I don’t see how your claim that this is due to Dreamhost’s “incompetence” can be justified.

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is lol how your taking this as a personal slight, maybe i shud have put a ? in the title. i apologise
well there was 9GB of files, 85 files in actual number, that are no longer there. they were there the day before - hence its a very strange situ
my main concern is for my other files
maybe someone accessed my server without my knowledge (it which case i guess ive been “hacked” as no-one else uses this server)
in either respect yep your right that the lack of the files being on backup is most strange (i was hoping a quick and easy fix wud be to just restore to an ealier back up, alas this appears to not be an option)
again dont take it personal (as the song says) i find it odd and peculiar too
my main concern is to try and work out how this happened so as to safe guard my other files, but the tech support dont know how its happened, how does a file remain on my server yet lose all its data so its gone from say 100MB down to 0byte? if you know i’m all ears :slight_smile:

also even if they had been gone for over 2 weeks why the devil are they gone in the first place, its all a very puzzling situ as i never delete files off this server and no-one but me has access

I’ve read the whole thread, and I agree that having 9 GB of files missing, and permissions reset on others, is a problem - what I don’t get is where/how this is a matter or “incompetence” on the part of DH. :wink:

I kept expecting to read how DH had done something to your files, or something to that effect, but all I see in your posts is that neither you nor DH know what happened.

It’s a bad situation to be sure, but I don’t think it’s fair to start assigning blame or maligning others’ competence until/unless you can explain how they are involved/responsible for what happened.

Have you reviewed your access logs to make sure that you had no unidentified access to your account? How do you know that your account/password was not compromised? Do you use ftp or sftp?

The missing files are a bummer, and DH may, or may not, have had something to do with how that happened, but you have not explained at all how you believe that their “incompetence” is related to the issue. :wink:


i only mean incompetence as in i have never had files disappear from a host before and so i meant it in terms of “DH’s ability to host is incompetent” probably a poor choice of word as it clearly has had an effect i didnt intend, if changing the main topic title were still poss i wud change it to “9GB lost - Mystery” to solve this derailment of what i intended by the post, which was to see if this has ever happened to anyone else)

sorry for the my incompetence in posting :wink:

Hey, that’s fair enough, and I suspect this newest “subject/title” is more likely to get others to focus on helping you figure out what might have happened rather than geting sidetracked on the “blame game”. :wink:

To that end, have you run “last” on your account from within the shell? If not, just login to the shell and type:


This will produce a display of the accesses to your account. Inspect this list for IP address that are not one you have used or that are at times when you did not access the account. If you find any of these, then somehow your account as exploited by an unauthorized person.

That is where I would start; until you know whether or not your account has been compromised, it’s hard to know what else to look at. :slight_smile:


You’re on a dedicated server?

If so, I’d think that would lessen the chance of DH screwing something up, since they wouldn’t be poking around on it. Example: Shared customer asks for something deleted and they delete something of yours by accident… that would be bad, but unlikely.

Also, do dedicated customers have .snapshot directories? I have no idea, but if you can’t access them, it could be a possibility.

In any case, if you have a lot of big/important files, you might want to go with an online backup service (in addition to your own & DH’s backups). That way, if something like this happens, you can do a much faster transfer during the backup process.

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