Dreamhost Inbox Archiving and IMAP

At present, whenever the Inbox Archiver kicks in and moves emails from the Inbox folder to an Archive folder (I’ve renamed old-messages to Archive in the mailbox settings), IMAP clients when checking mail all of a sudden start re-downloading all the moved message headers as if they were new messages (even though marked as read).

It’s necessary to keep the Archive folder as a subscribed IMAP folder since otherwise the messages become inaccessible from all clients, but this then means that the folder is synchronised like the Inbox folder.

On PC’s this makes things slower than optimal but on mobile devices it can mean you get a certain time in the month when you hit the configured threshold of maximum read messages in the Inbox and all of a sudden its “Downloading 178 new messages”.

Other than simply disabling the Inbox Archiver which I don’t really see as a valid solution does anyone have any possible solutions for this?

Sure, manually move the messages to the archive one-by-one as they a processed from the inbox :wink:

Another question I have is are you doing something at “the end of the month” that empties your inbox? You mentioned that you have to “a certain time in the month” when you “hit the configured threshold of maximum read messages”. So it sounds like you are emptying the inbox at the end of the month and starting over with the counts. If you didn’t empty at the end of the month, then the expiry of messages would be ongoing, meaning you would expire a few a day. Rather than “hit” a threshold that causes an activity flood.

Another approach you could take is to create filters for the mailbox via the panel that include the month and year in the folder name thus eliminating the inbox entirely, just have this months mail go into a folder for this month. Could make for a long folder list, but all in all the mail is archived chronologically on arrival.

Personally, I “delete” messages as I read them, or move them to a Save folder. And then I never empty my Trash. Yeah, “Trash” is my Archive folder and I’m just careful about not Emptying Trash.

Or create a script (or do it manually) in your mail client that moves all selected messages to an Archive folder. Do you just like to leave all your read messages sitting in your inbox until they’re automatically moved?

I’m not doing anything on a monthly basis to cause this, I simply mean when the Dreamhost Inbox Archiver does its work to reduce the Inbox folder size.

Moving messages one-by-one isn’t really practical unless you only receive a few each day, currently I’m receiving around 200 emails a day. Lots of messages get moved but still the Inbox Archiver can regularly find a decent number remaining when visiting the Inbox folder.

I must keep all messages for 12 years due to current legislation so deleting is not an option, they must be kept/archived.

The point I’m making though is when you move a message from the Inbox to another IMAP folder, it is often treated as a new message on mobile phones such as Blackberrys and iPhones so people end up reading old messages a second time thinking they’re new, almost as if they’re not seeing the IMAP read/unread status and just using their own read/unread records.

So i would suggest you just quit using the inbox. In the dreamhost panel you can make filters for the email account that filter to folders based on names created with month and year in the name. Filter all your mail on receipt to be filed in that folder, and then just work that folder as your inbox… the inbox archover will never move anything and the folder will never get too huge to download if you open it on a device that hasn’t downloaded recently.

Caveat: be sure and create the next folder BEFORE the months starts. There is a warning I’ve read somewhere recently (perhaps in the filter setup section of the panel) that says to make sure the folder exists or mail will be permanently lost.

Thanks for the suggestion LakeRat but this isn’t an option since devices using APOP protocol will only be checking the Inbox folder. I’m looking for an actual solution rather than a workaround which may suit one or two devices. Does anyone else on here experience the same problem?

A) it is not a workaround, that the way that dreamhost feature was designed to work.

B) in your original post you didn’t mention mobile devices using pop3 (apop is password security protocol for pop3 that was originally introduced by RFC 1460 ). I wonder why you use pop3 on mobile devices, I use IMAP on mine.

C) if I had to set up email system for users where all email had to be archived for 12 years (legally as you say) I would most certainly not leave it to the integrity of the user not to delete an email (new or old). Instead I would move to a journaling compliant email server such as microsoft exchange. If I had to come up with an email journaling workaround that worked with dreamhost I would create a second account for each user that the user has no access to and use panel enabled filters to forward a second copy of the email to the second account. That would be a workaround for journaling :wink:

D) I’m not sure why you are getting to the point in the month in the first place where all of the sudden the inbox archiver wants to expire so many messages. On the only account that I use that feature it seems to expire about 8-12 messages per day very consistently.

Good luck to you, I won’t offer any more suggestions.