DreamHost in Europe

Hello all… As I’m fairly New to the world of Hosting… can any one tell me if there are differences in which countries I use a hosting service, as we are in Munich Germany and our business is 99% in the European market. In regards to having people search for us through Google is there are difference… My first language is English and my German is pretty crap… So this is why I ask…
Thanks for any feedback.

I am in Australia and I host my sites on DreamHost and have not experienced any problems related to the physical location of the server.

The visitors to my websites tend to be fairly evenly distributed between Europe and the USA, so it made sense for me to host in the USA instead of here in Australia. If the majority of my visitors were from Australia, I probably would have hosted my sites locally, due to the reduction in latency (the ping from here to the west coast of the USA is around 190ms on a good day :slight_smile:

As for Google search results; I don’t think Google uses IP addresses to pinpoint geographical location for search engine placement, I think they tend to rely more on the domain suffix. For example, if you want your site to rank well on the German Google, then I think it is important to use a .de domain and having the site in the German language wouldn’t hurt either :slight_smile:


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Excellent Mark… Thanks very much for you feedback… from a Fellow Aussie… I do have a .de domain and I will use German and English on the site… but yes 95% of my Customers will be in Germany… htis is the problem, I’m trying to get around… Cheers again

No problem, always glad to help out a compatriot. Gee, you are a long way from home :slight_smile:

I really don’t think you’ll have any problems with ranking on the search engines. A friend of mine has his .au business domain hosted here at DreamHost and that site ranks very well for the main search terms in his industry on Google.com.au


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Good News I think, I shall be signing up shortly… Have not lived in Sydney for 12 years now… Its sad to hear of the loss of Steve though… he was a good fella and will be greatly missed…

Yeah, it’s a sad business. He was a bit of a larrikin, but he was a good down to earth bloke, with a heart of gold.

Love him or loathe him, at least he was the real thing, from all accounts what we saw on TV was the real Steve.

As you say, he will be missed.


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If your website is in German,
it will be in a good position in google.de

When i search “web” on google.fr, i see mainly french content on the first page, but not always hosted in France.

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