Dreamhost hosting wordpress link adult content



I am very new to this website building malarky.

Just a question please i am a webcammer so want a website that will have adult content on it, i am using dreamhost as my host and they gave me a link to wordpress for my website to build on.

Is wordpress ok to build an adult website on if my link was via dream host??

Also the only plugin i have found for adult content is content warning v2 which does not seem to be working for me at all, it will not show up on my website and ideas? I used an age verify one which shows up but is just a box to put your age in and look awful.

Also at present just have the coming soon page up so dont know if thats effecting anything.

any help would be great thank you


Yes, you can use WP and DreamHost for adult content.

Per http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/KB_/_Sign_Up#Can_I_have_an_adult_Content_on_my_website_or_dreambook.3F