DreamHost has won me over

I recently had dealings with a quite unscrupulous registrar. It turned into a week-long headache, during which they insisted the root of several issues had to be either my web host or my ISP. How my ISP had anything to do with a permanently parked domain I don’t know, but that was their insistence.

In spite of all those issues, several folks at DreamHost support emailed back and forth with me well into the night, eliminating any possible chance that the issues I was having were on their end. They offered some further suggestions for dealing with the registrar also.

In the end, the issue was never resolved, but after some wrangling I got a person on the phone at my ISP who was knowledgeable enough to confirm what DreamHost had said were good ideas. I took all this back to the screwball registrar, who then concocted another runaround to give me.

Whatever; I just registered my domain in .net form through DreamHost and it was up, propagated, and running within about an hour. I’m customizing it now so I can spend my weekend on setup - which I should have been able to do last weekend.

I just had to stop in and share this, because the level of support and sympathy I received from DreamHost has been out-of-this-world amazing. The fact that, even after they realized it wasn’t a problem on their end, they still offered me some industry guidance on how to deal with the registrar was above and beyond.

I also plan to email this to them, but wanted it to be seen by others as well. They’ve made a very loyal customer out of me, and I’ll be talking them up every chance I get.

Our way. And then the right way.

DreamHost are a nice bunch and do their best to help everybody. Plus there are the forums. I’ve not seen forums at the two other places where I hosted. It’s nice to have a two-pronged approach to support.


Hey, thanks for sharing your positive story here. Individuals so rarely take the time to thank people who do a good job and it’s important to the morale of the people taking the time to do a good job.

Besides here, I recommend emailing support with a request to pass along your thanks to the support staff - make sure to name the folks who helped you out.

I’m also hoping that Robert picks up this thread and passes along your thanks.

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Agreed! Welcome to DH :slight_smile:

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