Dreamhost has moved my sites to a new VPS and now they're down

About 20 of my sites hosted by Dreamhost are down.

Overnight I’d received a message saying my sites were using too much RAM, so the first thing I did was go in and bump the RAM up to the maximum. There was antoher message of doom in my inbox from DH, this one saying they’d moved all my sites (n.b. they’re all WordPress sites) to a new VPS, and that I’d need to update my settings if the domains weren’t pointing at the Dreamhost nameservers. Since nearly all of them are already, I’m at a loss to know what to do to bring them back online.

Bit of a newbie when it comes to servers etc - any advice welcome!

Hopefully you have fixed by now. I would suggest a support ticket through your panel is the best move. If they’ve moved VPS perhaps the routing was just taking time to self-rectify.

Thanks Monjo. Yes, eventually heard back from DH a day later, which didn’t do my nerves much good. I’d found a “restart server” button in the VPS section of the dashboard, and that seemed to help - either that, or, like you said, it just took a while to self-rectify… Anyway, thanks for responding.

Hey rln1001…

How’s your experience been to DH VPS the last few months? Any other issues? I’m thinking to switch/upgrade to VPS from shared and wonder what I should be expecting. :-_