DreamHost Google Fight


Dreamhost great: 4.540.000

Dreamhost awful: 1.480.000

Dreamhost rocks: 661.000

Dreamhost sucks: 184.000


you forgot…

Pointless Post: 98,900



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Dreamhost cpu limit: 12.700

Dreamhost bandwidth limit: 29.500

cpu limit, on .dreamhost.com sites: 138 :slight_smile:

“Joined dreamhost”: 31
"left dreamhost": 162

“New study finds 5 times as many sites are leaving DreamHost as joining.” :slight_smile:

Dreamhost disabled my site: 99.800

Dreamhost enabled my site: 173.000

And the winner is…

Dreamhost porn: 182.000



Dreamhost sex 339,000 :wink:

Or simply Dreamhost 13,400,000

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Dreamhost bittorrent: 85,500

[quote]Or simply Dreamhost 13,400,000


Wow. but in context of the examples, the game requires Dreamhost plus one or more additional words. :slight_smile:

[quote]Dreamhost sex 339,000 :wink:


I can beat that. :slight_smile:

Dreamhost good: 4,230,000

Dreamhost bad: 1,870,000

Good beats bad by 2 to 1. :slight_smile: