DreamHost/Google Apps Hosting Issue

I searched the forums, but did not find the information I am looking for, so if this is a duplicate post and/or in the wrong forum category; I apologize in advance.

The issue:

I am helping someone who signed up with DreamHost and is running one website with DreamHost as the “Fully Hosted” host.

The individual registered a new domain with DreamHost, set DreamHost as the host. He did a one-click install of WordPress.

However, when the individual attempts access the site to run the WordPress install script, he gets directed to a Google based URL that says the site is under-construction, which is not the setup he wants nor what should be happening according to the setup inside DreamHost.

It appears as though Google is the Host and not DreamHost. However, DreamHost lists itself a the Full Host in the Manage Domains section of his account.

We check the DNS records and they match the first site which is working correctly (i.e., the url is correct, reachable, and hosted by DreamHost, with a WordPress installation), but this site is not.

I have searched high and low to figure out what is going on, but I have had no luck.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

we can’t really give you any input if you don’t tell us the url

Sorry about the lack of a URL. http://www.kevin1880.com. The URL returns, now, a 404 error with a Google Logo and broken robot.

Thanks to all for taking at stab at this issue.

Your names servers are not pointed to Dreamhost.


log into your domain registars site and change your name servers to


It’s working now - thanks for your help! For some reason, DreamHost showed that the name servers were right, but I still had to go in and change them in Google. I’m new to all this, so I have no idea why that happened, but at least it’s working now. Thanks again.

Essentially it’s so no one can steal your domain name! If anyone could sign up with a host and declare that mydomain.com should be hosted there, then anyone would be able to steal any domain name.

On the other hand a set of dreamhost only entries make it so you can set things up in advance and then “cut over” (if that’s what you are doing…)

When you set nameservers for a domain you are saying “Ok these are the name servers that have the correct current information about the domain.” Name servers are set wherever you have the domain registered.