Dreamhost going down like a drunk prom date!

No, seriously. This is absolutely rediculous. In the last 30 days, ALL of my websites have gone down at LEAST on 20 of those days. Last week I experienced an outage that lasted over 6 hours.


I’ve just about had it with dreamhost. You hear me Dreamhost? You’ve got 30 days to clean up your act! If you fail to do so, i’m breaking up with you! >:O

I have been with DreamHost for over 2 years, and I must say that the outages you have been experiencing over the last couple of weeks are very unusual indeed. The track record during this period is not a fair indication of the normal level of service. The six-hour outage you experienced was a result of the extreme heat experienced on the west coast (it knocked out the entire datacenter, and even resulted in the loss of MySpace for a few hours).

That being said, I totally understand your frustration. The level of service failure has been without precedent.

One thing I must say in DreamHost’s favor is this: DreamHost has been extraordinarily forthcoming with information. http://dreamhoststatus.com/ has been continuously updated throughout the difficulties. Most hosting companies prefer to keep this sort of detail to themselves.

Simon Jessey | Keystone Websites
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Notwithstanding the “all caps” “yelling” That is a funny subject line! (though, or course, sites being down really isn’t funny)

It has “sucked” around here the last couple/three weeks, but if you have been down 20 days out of thirty, you have had it a lot worse than most of us.

It has not always been like this; if you were serious about giving DH thirty days, you will likely find things are under control well before then. It looks as though they are coming out of the rough and getting back to normal.


I’ve had dreamhost for a year. I’ve always bragged about it and told my friends about it (not JUST because of the $97 referral bonus). It’s been very easy to use, and has very advanced user interface. I only experienced about 2-3 outages a month (which really isn’t all that bad), it’s fast and cheap.

But on Sept 12th I have to decide whether or not to give Dreamhost 120 dollars of my money, and I’m starting to lose faith…

I understand completely. I’ll be facing the same decision, before you do (my yearly is in August), but with a good deal more money involved.

That said, while this last batch of boogers has been extremely frustrating and unpleasant, and my “taith” might be wavering, I’ve been through this before, and have seen Dreamhost get things put back together, so I’ll “re-up” (even if it means moving certain of my clients to more appropriately stable hosts, as circumstance may require)